On My Knees by Meredith Wild // Book Review

Title: On My Knees
Series: Bridge (#1)
Author: Meredith Wild
Publisher: Waterhouse Press
Published: March 17, 2014
Pages: 352

Haunted by the responsibility of caring for her troubled family, Maya Jacobs gave the only answer she could when Cameron asked her to marry him. Years later, entrenched in a soulless professional routine, she distracts herself from the lingering regret of her decision with a “work hard, play hard” lifestyle that guarantees no man will ever find his way into her heart again.

Cameron Bridge has spent the past five years married to the military, trying to escape the painful memory of losing Maya. After fighting his own war in the desert, he starts a new life in New York City, with his siblings, Olivia and Darren, by his side.

When fate brings Maya back to him in the heart of a city filled with its own hopes and shadows, can Cameron find the girl he once loved in the woman she’s become?

This book had a really strong start. I was leaning towards a four star rating. I’ll get into that later on in this review.

On My Knees follows Maya. It starts off with Maya working her way through college. Waiting on her boyfriend, Cameron, to come home from his Military stuff. I’m not entirely sure what he was doing in college to be honest. Well, he comes to visit and they have a banging time. He figures that he can find a way for them to be together so he can live off campus. He proposes to Maya and she kind of freaks out and tells him no. They’re too young and she has too much on her plate.

Well, he doesn’t take that rejection well. He leaves her and she doesn’t see him for another five years. They end up running into each other in New York and rekindle their past relationship. I think it started out really great. I was rooting for them. I wanted them to fall in love again. I wanted them to work.

Cameron finds out that Maya has a bit of a drinking problem. She has depression, which is not really stated in the book, and she drowns her emotions in alcohol. Cameron basically tells her, use sex with me as your crutch. Don’t be addicted to booze. Be addicted to my dick. UM. I’m sorry sir, but dick cannot make someone feel better when they have depression. You cannot fix her.

That’s what made me rate this book lower than the four stars I was going to give it. I hate the mentality that someone can fix someone else. I hate it so much.

Other than that, I really liked this book. I love the build up of their new relationship. I love the steamy bits. I just really wish Cameron… he’s a dumb dumb. He tried really hard to make her see that he still loved her and he wasn’t going anywhere. Even when his mother was talking smack about Maya to her face, he wasn’t tolerating it. I appreciate everything else about him.

3/5 Stars