Weekly Recap: Dec. 30th – Jan. 5th

Away From The Blog

So this week at work has been a bit…. much? It was nothing too stressful. My schedule got changed around at the last minute and I really dislike that. To top it off, I had to spend three hours at the car dealership yesterday. Luckily, I was able to get plenty of reading done while they were working on my car.
We’re planning a Family Fun Center trip today. Which means I am up early working on this post! I’ve been trying to make it a goal of mine for 2020 to wake up early. I hate sleeping in. I hate missing that time when I could be productive for sleeping.
One major thing that happened this week is…. I unhauled about 170 books! This was one of my goals for 2020 as well. I’m dropping them off at my local library today. I’m hoping someone else will enjoy these books that I’m no longer interested in.

New Books This Week


Books I Finished This Week


Currently Reading


What are you currently reading? What have you recently finished? What is something good that has happened in your life this week?