As I’m sure all of you know, buying books can be addictive. As of right now, I own close to 700 books. I maybe have read 30% of these books. That’s the problem with buying books. Well, it’s my problem with buying books. I don’t see an issue with buying things that make you happy. 
I’m not going on a complete book buying ban. I have a couple of pre-orders coming out in the near future. I also want to continue to buy books from my local library. They’re super cheap. Prices range from .25 cents to about three dollars. That isn’t bad at all. 
We have a wedding that we need to save up for. I think I can do without purchasing full priced books every single week. It would also help with me narrowing down my TBR pile. 
I have two orders from Book Outlet coming to me soon. Those will be the last of my splurging on buying books. When you see my hauls for them, please don’t remind me of my ban!
I’m also planning on making some health changes. I need to be healthier and I feel like this book buying ban will help me mentally. 
I’ll be posting updates in the future. Be sure to check back!