I really want to make a post about what I think is going to happen in Kingdom of Ash. I’m too excited for this book and I’m dying to see what happens. I’m just, UGH! I really need this book in my hands and I probably won’t get it until Friday. It’s not fair.

With that being said, I’m going to share with you guys my predictions for Kingdom of Ash. Of course, feel free to share your predictions in the comments!

Keep in mind, I’m still reading Tower of Dawn and so none of these predictions are going to involve anything that happens in that book.

  • Dorian is a Valg demon. Ashley from Ashleyoutpaged on Youtube has me convinced! I’m really anticipating that Dorian is a Valg demon. There’s no way he’s not. He looks nothing like his parents. His father was infested with a Valg demon and if they can reproduce with the witches, they can reproduce with anyone. Also, they obviously didn’t kill Dorian and so that demon that was inside of him should still be there. There should be no exceptions!
  • I believe that Aelin is pregnant. I have a really strong feeling that she’s pregnant and didn’t want anyone to know. Although, I bet Lysandra knows. Lysandra gets told everything. 
  • I feel like something really big is going to happen for Elide. I really want something big to happen. I just think it’s not going to be good. I have a feeling she’s going to die and Lorcan is going to kill a lot of people and I feel like he may even be the one to kill Maeve out of heartbreak. 
  • I think they’re going to use Rolfe to find Aelin. He’s got that cool map thing on his arm that will show you where treasures are. I’m sure that wherever Aelin is, there has to be some kind of treasure or something. He’s gonna help find her.
  • I feel like Manon is going to have to kill Dorian. Like I said, I am firm believer that Dorian is a Valg demon thanks to Ashley. Manon is going to release her power and in turn end up dying herself. I think we’re going to lose both of them in this final installment. Which sucks because I’ve finally started to like Manon. OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN.
  • Chaol will die. This is just an honest hope as of right now. I still really dislike him and wish that he gets put down. 
  • “Should they succeed in their quest to find Aelin, the young queen will still be expected to pay the ultimate price to the Gods.” Back to my Aelin being pregnant theory, I feel that if she is pregnant, she would come to the hard decision to sacrifice that child. Maybe some part of her knew this would happen and maybe that’s why she wasn’t taking a tonic to prevent pregnancy. 
  • “She would not greet the darkness’s embrace today. But they would.” I feel like this is talking about Rowan’s cadre. I think they all end up on Aelin’s side and they end up dying for her. 
  • I feel like this book is going to be loaded with death. 

Be sure to comment below with what you think will happen and if you agree with any of my predictions!