Hey guys, how are you? As you may know, I decided to stop blogging for a bit. That little bit only turned out to be like two weeks. But, I feel like I really needed that. I needed that time to know that I don’t constantly have to blog about books or have a posting schedule. I was really stressing myself out over nothing!

With that being said, I will do weekly wrap-ups. That’s not always going to guaranteed. I’m not going to spend time making my posts as awesome as they can be. It honestly takes away from my reading time. The whole reason I even have a book blog!

Away From The Blog:
I haven’t really been up to much away from the blog. I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading. We’ve been pretty busy in my house. My husband just started a new job and we’re still trying to get used to everything that comes with that. 
My son’s birthday was on September 10th and we had a blast. I just can’t believe that he’s four now! Where does the time go??
With our garden, everything has died. Everything except the pineapples. I’m not entirely sure how they’re still alive but I’m not going to question it. Hopefully we’ll have some delicious homegrown pineapples in our future. 
I had a huge Book Outlet haul for this week. That site is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t used it yet, you really need to!
This Week I Read: 
Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake: I was very underwhelmed with this book. I didn’t hate it, just felt really bored by it. Definitely not in a hurry to pick up the next books.
Currently Reading: 
Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau: This book actually has a similar plot to Three Dark Crowns and I’m pretty stoked to see which book was done better. 
Books Bought This Week:

Posts From The Week: 
What reading did you guys do this week? What books did you buy?