I recently saw that Bethany over at ReadingEveryNight do this tag. I decided, why the heck not! I need something to do on my day off anywho. So I’m gonna keep this introduction short and sweet because there’s apparently 100 truths I have to answer to.

I tag all of you to do this tag! Leave it in the comments!!!


What’s your name?


Any nicknames or aliases?

I actually really dislike getting called anything other than my name. I most likely will not answer if you try to call me anything like Tiff or Tiffy.

Your gender?


Your star sign?

Scorpio. But I could honestly give two craps about the star signs and their meanings and whatnot.

How old are you?


Your relationship status?

Engaged to Julian ♡ Look at this cutie! Been together for 6 years!

Any children?

Marcel, he’ll be four in September!

Any pets?

I have one cat, Pascal and he’s four!

Any tattoos or piercings? 

I have one really terrible tattoo of a dove on my hip that got so stretched out when I was pregnant. I want it removed. I also used to have my ears stretched so now I just have pretty decent sized holes in my ears.

What do you like about yourself?

I hate this question lol. I can listen to the same soundtrack like ten million times and never get tired of it. Ask Julian. I promise that he hates The Greatest Showman now.

But on a serious note, I think I’m a pretty decent listener. I don’t always remember stuff but I do sit and listen/acknowledge when people are speaking to me.

What do you dislike about yourself?

I really hate how stressed out I get. When I finally get health insurance this year, I am planning on seeing a therapist to help with my depression/anxiety. I’m really hoping it changes.

Righty or lefty?



The last thing you drank:
Dr. Pepper. Obviously. 
The last thing you ate:
Mac N Cheese covered with BBQ sauce. Don’t knock it until you try it. 

Your last phone call:
Julian. He’s the only person I talk to on the phone.
Your last text message:
My mom
Your last email:
Probably responding to a review request?
The last song you listened to:
Tightrope from The Greatest Showman
The last book you read:
The Lies They Told by Gillian French. Pretty good book, you guys should check it out!
The last time you cried:
I wouldn’t say I cried, but I got teary eyed. I was driving home from work the other night and I was singing Never Enough as loud as I possible could and I got emotional. 
The last blog you read: 
Bethany’s 100 Truths Tag as I am doing this post lol. 
The last person you spoke to:
Marcel. He’s currently asking to download games on his Switch. 
The last place you visited:
Disney in Orlando, Florida. I don’t get out much at all.
Your last holiday abroad: 

Your Beliefs and Opinions 

Do you believe in aliens?
I do believe in aliens. Just not the weird looking ones. I feel like if there are people on other planets, they would look just like us. 
Do you believe in miracles?
I’m iffy about this one. I’d like to believe in miracles, I just can’t seem to. 
Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?
I’ve been trying to be more positive about everything lately. It’s been working pretty well. So yes.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. But I do believe in connecting with someone at first sight. I knew right away when I met Julian that he was it for the long run. I knew I was going to love him, it wasn’t instant. 
Can money make you happy?
Money helps with making people happy. Now that I have a kick ass job and I’m actually making money and paying my bills on time, I’m happier than what I used to be. 
Would you describe yourself as a feminist?
I’m all for the equality. So, yes I would say that I am. 
Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
Pro-choice. I would never get an abortion myself. But other women’s bodies is not my business. They can do whatever they want to THEIR body. People are just ignorant in this subject.
Do you have strong political beliefs?
My strongest political belief right now is that Trump and Pence should not be in office. Michelle Obama for president!! I also really don’t want to get into politics on my blog because it’s literally the only place I don’t see politics. 
Do you have strong religious beliefs?
I don’t have a religion. And I also don’t know what that makes me to be honest. I just keep my mind away from that. 
What do you think the most important thing you can give a child is?
Unconditional love and support. I learned this from my Grandma. She was the best person I have ever met in my life and I’m taking all of my parenting skills from her. Rest in peace grandma. 

Right Now

Are you eating anything right now?
Are you drinking anything right now?
…..Dr. Pepper……
What are you listening to right now?
My favorite song ever! From Now On from The Greatest Showman. 
What are you thinking about right now?
That this is the longest thing I’ve done since Myspace.
What are you waiting for right now?
My package to arrive from BookOutlet.
What are you most excited about right now?
Julian’s birthday. We’re driving out to see his grandparents for the day. They’re the sweetest people ever!
What’s your pet peeve right now?
When my son asks the same question ten thousand times because he thinks I didn’t hear him the first five thousand times. 
What’s your favorite thing right now?
The Greatest Showman
If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing right now?
Reading One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay Sands.


Your best friend:
Her name was Susana. We did everything together up until middle school. I’m not even entirely sure why we stopped hanging out. 
Your first job:
Wendys. Never again will I work fast-food. I praise the people that can tolerate it. 
Your first childhood memory:
Falling off my bike because my cousin kept on taking off my training wheels. 

Which would you choose

Love or money?
Love. I can’t lose my Jules because of money. 
Twitter or Facebook?
Hook up or relationship?
Dogs or cats?
Coffee or tea?
Beer or Wine?
Neither, I don’t drink alcohol. 
Sweet or Savory?
Introvert or extrovert?
Vampires or Werewolves?
Seaside or Countryside?
Summer or Winter?
Books or movies?
Horror or Comedy?

A Few Random Questions To Finish Up On

Do you wish you could change your past?
Not at all. Every mistake I made led me to the life I love right now. I love where I’m at and who I’m with. 
What’s your dream job?
I would love to work in publishing. But I do not plan on going back to school so that may not ever happen. 
What’s your guilty pleasure?
Eating when I’m bored. I can’t help it. 
What are you afraid of?
The way the world is turning out to be. I’m scared to see what the world will be like when my child is old enough to understand things. 
What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

An English teacher. It’s still a dream, but like I said, I’m not going back to school.
If you could have any super power, what would it be?
To be able to read minds. I feel like that would make my anxiety go away. Just to know what everyone is thinking. 
If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?
I wish I didn’t have an expensive car payment lol. 
Would you want immortality?
Yes. My blog would live foreverrrrrrrrrr
If you could interview anyone dead or alive, who would you choose?
There really is so many people I would love to just sit down and have a long conversation with. Martin Luther King Jr. Obama. Marilyn Manson. Colleen Hoover. 
Would you say you are happy?
What one piece of advise would you give to yourself at age 18?
It’s okay to date someone older. Don’t let anyone try and tell you it’s not. Do not let other people’s judgments affect your happiness.
Where would you like to be in five years time?
In a home that we own. Making more wonderful blog posts for you wonderful people.