Top Ten Tuesday: New To Me Authors

There are plenty of books on my shelves by authors I haven’t read from yet. Like I’ve stated before, my TBR list is outrageous. I’m working on it. I don’t think any of the authors in this list are debut authors. I could be wrong, you can correct me in the comment section!
Let me know if any of these authors are new to you too!

Michelle Hodkin

I became a big fan of Booktube in 2017. I spend a lot of my time watching book related videos on Youtube even though I should probably be reading and knocking off books on my TBR list. *shrugs* Well, while watching Booktube I’ve heard of the Mara Dyer series. I just recently bought these books and I’m dying to see what the hype is about Michelle and these books.

Marissa Meyer

Can someone explain to me why I think that Marissa wrote the Twilight series even though I know she didn’t? I’m always so skeptical to read any of her books because for some reason my brain correlates her with Twilight. I’ve heard good things about her writing but I’m just scared to read them!

Lynn Weingarten

I just picked up another book by Lynn. I’m always weary about picking up more books by authors I haven’t read. What if I don’t like their writing style? Then money is wasted. But I just feel like I will love Lynn’s writing. Just really seems like something I would really enjoy.

Adam Silvera

Unlike Lynn’s books, I won’t buy anymore of Adam’s books until I read at least one. I have the strongest feeling I’m not going to like his books. They’re just so over-hyped and I don’t think they’ll live up to it. Only time will tell, I guess.

Lucy Keating

I’ve honestly only seen this book by Lucy. I will eventually look her up on Goodreads and see what else she’s done. I feel like her writing is going to be super cutesy. Just like this super adorable cover!

Leigh Bardugo

I feel like her writing style is going to be confusing. I flipped through this book and got pretty confused from skimming a little. But that could just be due the fact I didn’t really read any part of the book yet. I’m really hoping I love her books!!

Victoria Aveyard

I picked this book up at a second hand shop. As you can tell, they wrote on the book with permanent marker. (Please invest in stickers!!) I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Victoria’s writing. I’ve heard this book is just wonderful. 

Kendare Blake

I have had this duo on my shelves for a little while now. I tried reading the first book once and I’m not going to lie, I had new books come in the mail and I put it down. Ooops. I read the first couple of pages and I’m still on the fence on whether or not I will like her writing. 

Jenny Han

I don’t know how I ended up putting Jenny on this list. I read the Summer I Turned Pretty series by her and loved them. But I guess we can pretend she’s a new author to me!

Penelope Sky

I am always on the lookout for some juicy romances. I saw this series by Penelope on Amazon and I ordered all the copies that were available. I’ll be ordering the rest soon so I can get started and form an opinion about Penelope’s romance style!