So, if you’re anything like me, you’re totally obsessing over this song right now. I did a quick decision and made a book tag for this song! I hope you all enjoy this tag and please do one for yourself!

A book you don’t think was worth the hype.

I didn’t like this book at all really. I don’t think it made any sense and I just didn’t think it lived up to the hype. 

A book you wish you could change

I would change so much about this book. I couldn’t even finish it! The idea of the book is great but the writing wasn’t!

A book you used to dislike but now like.

I never truly disliked this book. My aunt has the original copy and I wanted nothing to do with it because I thought it looked stupid. Well, a couple of years later, I found this and loved it!

A series you couldn’t get in to.

I don’t have any books from this series, but it’s Twilight. Never wanted to get in to it and never want to in the future.

A book you’ve read more than once.

This will always be my favorite vampire book. I’m constantly wanting to read it!

A book you couldn’t move on from.

I seriously have the hardest time reading anything after reading a Colleen Hoover book. They’re so good, they need to go on forever.